Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Jewelery Conundrum

I'm just gonna dive in.

Ever since I can remember I have despised jewelery. I remember touching it at a young age and actually feeling sick. Kind of like the feeling most people get when they see something gross. Almost to the point where I wanted to gag... yeah. I'm not sure what's wrong with me but I guess something is.

This has been an issue with girls that I have dated. I remember with one girl (will remain nameless), she wore these dangly earrings that bothered the crap out of me. They had little balls on the end and it reminded me of those things with the three balls that swing back and forth. Her head being the center ball. It was a very difficult time. Bahaha.

Earrings are probably the biggest... problem, I guess you could say. Especially dangly ones they drive me crazy. I know I sound crazy. But get over it. I'm trying to. I also have issues with necklaces. Mostly big gaudy necklaces. I think I might have some sort of disease. Bracelets that aren't to big and flashy are usually ok. I can handle one or two rings but no more than that. Especially not the huge rings.

I hope no one takes offense to this. Just know that I'm crazy and I'm working on these problems. It's a tough process. I think I've only dated one girl that didn't wear any jewelery so I must get past it right? Right.

Thanks for reading,
E. Thomas


  1. I don't think your weird. I had a friend I use to work with who couldn't stand jewelry. I don't think it bothered her if other people wore any, she just couldn't stand the feel of it and wouldn't wear it herself. She finally made an exception for her wedding ring but that was it.

  2. Dude a thing with three balls that swings back and forth??? You gotta elaborate. What the heck is that?

  3. Haha, i'm not sure what it's called. I guess it's called a pendulum.

    An update on this. Jewelery doesn't bug me as much anymore. I don't know why. Maybe writing this blog helped. I don't know.