Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bands

I am in two bands. I think that naming a band is very important because it's something that pulls a lot of people towards a band. I have been in bands with various names. Point Nine, Stalewit, Breaking Even, Notwithstanding Everything, Passing the Film and Pretty Okay.

The last two are the names of my current bands. I am in love with the name Pretty Okay and am really excited about this project with my fantastic friend Jocelyn. She'll be on the keys and I'll be on the strings and we'll both be using our pipes.

Passing the Film is probably going to have a name change soon. Tonight after practice I was talking to Sergio about it and we both agreed that it needed a change and both accounted that we hadn't had any good responses about the name. So tonight I came up with a few and Dane came up with a few. I'll probably have a hard time remembering Dane's but the first one I came up with was The Fifth of May. Red October was also an option I came up with. Dane suggested The Fifth and leave out the "of may."

Tonight on the way home I found out that there is a band called Blue October so Red October is definitely out but I also texted a ton of my friend asking them what they thought of Fifth Of May (with the the taken out) I only received one or two negative responses to it. Also, 4 out of 5 of the band members like it so far and we'll hear from the fifth in the morning (maybe). Haha the fifth.

I feel really good about the name and about the band. We had a really good practice tonight and as soon as we can get everyone there it'll be just that much better. Especially when I can stop playing guitar or bass. I think that it'll enhance the band.

Thanks for reading,
E. Thomas