Monday, April 28, 2008

Pack that car!

(from left to right; Elders Grayson, Pinchak, Miller(2), Barlow, Harper, Richins and Taylor)
This is the district from last month. One day before district meeting we all had to cram into our little Corolla because no one had brought their car. They all got rides from members. Anyway, it was so awesome that we decided to take a picture. Sadly enough, Elder Miller didn't make it into the picture because some people have big heads. Bahhahahahaha. It was fun. Best district ever! Besides the one that we have right now! I can't choose actually.

This is members of my district and the Omaha Zone by the gorillas at the zoo. The zoo is sweet. In another picture Elder Belnap is on my shoulders. While I'm on the ape. Oh yeah.